Donate a Holiday Meal

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We believe it is important to treat all people with dignity and respect regardless of their social or economic position. Your kindness and generosity will allow unhoused individuals to enjoy the same meal that you are having with your family this Holiday Season.

1 Holiday Meal = $25
2 Holiday Meals = $50
3 Holiday Meals = $75
4 Holiday Meals = $100

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5 reviews for Donate a Holiday Meal

  1. Linda Bonano

    Great group of people doing great things.

  2. Linda Bonano

    Generosity and love for those less fortunate.

  3. Siobhán Brace

    The best gift I gave this season.

  4. Diane Gawlikowski

    Hope it brings some joy.

  5. Susan Browne

    Great idea and so happy to help.

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