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St. Louis Teens Aid Refugees Today

START’s mission is to aid refugees in the St. Louis area through donations, craft sales, and fundraising events. 100% of the funds we receive go towards aiding local families in St. Louis who are struggling to rebuild their lives. All they need is a chance. Thank you for your support!

START Inc is a non-profit charity organization founded by two St Louis teens – Adam Saleh and Luke Braby to benefit refugees living in the St Louis area. Together we can make a difference for those in need.

STL Foodworks

STL Foodworks

With a passion for foodservice and a desire to support growing businesses, Christy and Charlie Schlafly founded STL Foodworks, a culinary incubator and shared kitchen space.

Developed by people who intimately know the food industry, food entrepreneurs appreciate the value of having accessible, cost-effective means to scale up their operation in order to confidently meet the demands of their customers.

Contact STL Foodworks to take a tour of their facilities to see if it is the right fit for your food business.

Bilingual International

Bilingual International

Their mission is to ensure equal access to healthcare, mental health, and social services for all, regardless of national origin or language ability, through the advocacy, education, and direct multilingual services that they provide.

Bilingual International Assistant Services is a not-for-profit 501 (C) (3) organization established in May, 2002 by stateless refugee women. Bilingual International was founded as a response to the unmet needs of foreign-born seniors who had limited ability in the English language, were unable to navigate the intricate system of care, and often voiced fear over their future and livelihood.

Katkin Logo


If you are interested in a career working in a restaurant, catering, or other occupations handling food, it is essential to learning the proper techniques and requirements in a commercial kitchen. 

ServSafe Food Handlers Training and Managers certification is only the beginning of what a Katkin education delivers. Their instructors actively engage participants throughout the duration of each class with interactive demonstrations and opportunities to ask questions and get answers. Welcome Neighbor STL is proud to have partnered with Katkin to be able to offer classes that are translated into Arabic. 

The Collective Thread

The Collective Thread

In 2015, Terri Stipanovich dreamed of a better way to help women. Along with a trusted friend, Kimberly Wilson, Terri started a sewing program to teach a trade and provide a livable wage for East African Women. The program was called Nala. The Nala program soon grew to St. Louis, MO, Terri’s home town with the focus of mirroring her work in East Africa and training refugee women to sew.

As Terri sought to grow her efforts she was introduced to Annie Miller, finding the perfect partner. Together they are building a premium design and manufacturing facility in St. Louis, and in Ethiopia, now called The Collective Thread.

House of Goods

Noticing a dire need in the community and city, two police chaplains and members of the Islamic Foundation of Saint Louis got together and started a non-profit organization called Baitulmal, which translates to House of Good or Wealth. The basic premise was to collect items that would then be given to any person in need who walked through the door, free. Yes, free. If you have items to donate, please consider contacting House of Goods.

Oasis International

Oasis International

The mission of Oasis is to love and care for those who seek refuge from a war torn country.

Oasis welcomes refugees from many nations to the United States who have experienced war in their home country. Oasis International helps refugees settle in St. Louis with furniture, household items, and clothes. English, citizenship, and computer classes are also made available to them. If you have items to donate, please consider Oasis International.

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