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Welcome Neighbor STL Programs

Welcome Neighbor STL has created a number of programs to assist our new American friends adapt to their new home. The programs we offer help to to fill the current needs of our refugees located here in St. Louis. We have created programs that allow our refugees to adapt better to American culture, while providing them with the skills and tools to help them make a meaningful income. We also work closely with many organizations in the St. Louis area to help fulfil as many of the urgent refugee needs that we can.

We have also expanded our organization to help with the needs of the homeless population in St. Louis. A group of our refugee cooks prepare meals every Sunday for the unhoused folks in St, Louis that are distributed by our parent organization St. Louis Teens Aid Refugees Today (START.) Our Community Center also acts as a Warming Center for those on the streets when the weather gets dangerously cold.


St. Louis Teens Aid Refugees Today

START’s mission is to aid refugees in the St. Louis area through donations, craft sales, and fundraising events. 100% of the funds we receive go towards aiding local families in St. Louis who are struggling to rebuild their lives. All they need is a chance. Thank you for your support!

START Inc is a non-profit charity organization founded by two St Louis teens – Adam Saleh and Luke Braby to benefit refugees living in the St Louis area. Together we can make a difference for those in need.

Supper Clubs

Citizenship Classes

English Classes

Warming Shelter

Feed the Homeless

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